The Seven Lands

The Seven Lands is the name given to the continent which serves as a setting for the Rise of the Magi Council campaign, named as such for seven geographically distinct lands that exist upon the mainland. The lands are:

Blizzagia: The vast northland that is the largest of the Seven Lands. Blizzagia is mountainous, wild, and cold, with much of its northern regions locked in a perpetual winter. It is where the majority of Dwarves hail from, and takes its name from the Immortal of the same name.

The Land of Storm: The easternmost of the Seven Lands, The Land of Storm takes its name from the fact that it is plagued with endless raging thunderstorms (and blizzards, if one ventures far north enough).

Fertillo: A temperate land of rolling hills and serene forestland, Fertillo is the eastern of the two “core” lands. More civilized than its western neighbor, Gigaia, Fertillo is home to the four major human kingdoms; Altergoad, Golasred, Ilgeas, and Nobleon.

Evermoon: The Land of the Night, Evermoon is the smallest of the Seven Lands, and is heavily forested and locked in a state of perpetual night. It exists entirely within Fertillo’s borders and is home to the Darkmoon, a race of dark-skinned elves that revere Luna, the moon goddess and daughter of the Immortal Galatica.

Creatora: The second-smallest of the Seven Lands, Creatora exists at the very core of the continent. It is surrounded by mountains and is heavily forested, home to the enigmatic Creatorians, the only remaining immortal race on the Seven Lands. Half exists within the borders of Fertillo, while the other half exists within the borders of Gigaia.

Gigaia: Westernmost of the two “core” lands, Gigaia is a wilder land than its eastern counterpart, it’s largely plainsland full of roving bands of nomadic clans and small, independent townships and even some city-states. Gigaia has no large kingdoms to speak of.

Volcanoa: The Land of Fire, Volcanoa is the southwesternmost of the Seven Lands, existing on a large peninsula jutting out into the ocean. Volcanoa is mainly badlands and desert, but also contains a demon-created hellscape riddled with lava-spewing volcanoes which gives the inhospitable land its name.

The continent is bordered south and west by ocean, where its north and eastern regions are largely uncharted due to inhospitable conditions in those regions. The peoples of the Seven Lands are as varied as the lands themselves, and a plethora of deities exist, mostly sired by the Immortals, a race of creatures akin to the Titans of Greek Myth that created the Seven Lands (See Creation of the Seven Lands).

The Seven Lands

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